1.4.3 Appointment of the project design team

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Once the projects have been prioritized and one or more to be implemented first have been selected, a team of project designers must be appointed.  The team will usually consist of “technical” experts and economists, possibly supported by specialised experts (e.g. ecologists) and other resource persons, e.g. representatives of the beneficiaries.

The project design team should be provided with the key elements of the project idea, in order to proceed with the design of the project and the preparation of the relative documents (Business Case, Project Fiche). These key elements should at least include:

a down-to-earth needs assessment (refer to subchapter 1.4.1)
an innovative concept for improvement of the status quo and the current situation
a proposal for the institutional framework (refer to subchapter 1.2)
a realistic idea for funding, e.g. guidelines on whether to examine the possibility of EU funding, private financing (refer to subchapter 1.5.2)



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