1.5.3 Establishment of Project Fiche

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The Project Fiche is a key document which forms the basis for the initiation of the project. It outlines the purpose of the project, the way the project will be structured and how it will be successfully implemented. It describes the projects:

Scope, objectives, main activities and deliverables
Project organization, roles and responsibilities
Provisional budget, possible risks, assumptions and constrains.

Project Fiche is being completed by the Project Manager after the Business Case and Feasibility Study have been approved but before the Project Team is formally appointed. After being reviewed by the Executive, the Project Fiche is being presented to the Senior Management of the Project Owner in order to be approved. By signing the Project Fiche, the Project Owner (representing the beneficiaries), the implementing agency and the funding agency enter in an agreement for the implementation of the project.

A template of Project Fiche is being presented in Annex 1-4. In this template except of the suggested contents, guidance and examples are being provided. Furthermore, in the same Annex a completed Project Fiche9 [ This example refers to existing Cypriot Project that has been funded by EU Transition Funds. Therefore, all the information included is based on the Standard Summary Project Fiche which was submitted to the EU for approval. ] is being presented in order to facilitate the understanding on how each section should be completed.

In case of a Project that is proposed for receiving EU funding, the Final Beneficiaries should complete and submit standardized Project Fiches (Project Fiche for Projects funded by the European Social Fund (ESF), Project Fiche for Infrastructure Projects, and Project Fiche for Grant Schemes). The templates of these Project Fiches are available in the Planning Bureaus site www.planning.gov.cy and include information concerning the scope and objective of the project, the physical object of the project, data indicating the feasibility and maturity of the project, elements of financial planning budget included as well as monitoring indicators. Instructions on how to complete these Project Fiches are available at Planning Bureaus site as well as in the Circular No 3 issued on the 17th of November 2004. The current editions of the templates of the above mentioned Project Fiches are presented in the Annex 1-5.

The preparation and compilation of the Project Fiche has as prerequisites the following:

Determination of the project approach
Defining procurement needs of a project
Estimation of the project Budget
Design of the Project Organization
Major risks identification

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