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During the inception phase, the expected outcomes of a project are, very often, seen as isolated requirements. Once the project has obtained high priority, the next step is to have a closer look at different options for implementing the project. The project designers in cooperation with the project owner will define the Business Case which provides various solution options for achieving the desired project outcomes. A Feasibility Study is then conducted to investigate the likelihood of each solution option to address the business problem or exploit the business opportunity. In the framework of Business Case and usually as part of a formal Feasibility Study, a Cost/ Benefit analysis is conducted in order to identify the alternative with the maximum net benefit. As an outcome of the Business Case a final recommended solution is put forward. Once the recommended solution is approved by the project owner, the Executive and the Project Manager are appointed and a “Project Fiche” is completed, which outlines the scope, objectives, activities and deliverables, project organization, roles and responsibilities, the estimated budget and possible risks, assumptions and constrains.

The abovementioned steps that should be followed during this stage are presented in the following figure.


Figure 1-9: Steps to be followed in the Design Stage

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