1.6.2 Appointment of the remaining members

of Project Management Team

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Having identified and appointed the Executive and the Project Manager, it is now the right moment to identify candidates for the rest of the roles (i.e. members of the Project Steering Committee, Team Manager, Quality Assurance Manager (where appropriate)) included at the project management team structure. It should be noted that the Project Team members are appointed later on, during the Project Planning phase.

The Project Steering Committee members except from having the authority to represent the users of the final products of the project and perhaps the supplier should be able to:

understand project plans and monitor progress against plan
understand and act on the factors that affect the successful implementation and delivery of the project
formulate and maintain good relationships with all the stakeholders
understand very well how the project is being affected by various parameters

The Team Manager must possess similar skills with the Project Manager (refer to 1.5.2) but he must be more experienced in the technical aspects of the project. This means that the Team Manager must have educational background and professional experience relative to the projects subject.

Before finalise the selection of the Project Management Team Members, it is suggested to answer the questions in the following checklist. The purpose of these questions is to ensure that the most significant criteria for the selection of the appropriate persons have been used.

Checklist 1-5: Summarised checklist for the selection of the remaining members of the Project Management Team

1. Can the proposed Project Steering Committee members make the commitments required by them?

2.  Are all the stakeholders being represented in the Project Steering Committee?

3.  Have all the roles and responsibilities been allocated?

4.  Do the selected people have any similar previous experience (i.e. participation in Project Steering Committees, performing project management and administration activities, etc.)?

5.  Do the selected people have participated in training programmes concerning project management methodologies, practices and tools?

6. Apart from the professional experience and qualifications the selected people possess, do they have the interpersonal characteristics required to ensure that they will fulfil successfully their duties?

7.  Has the availability of the appointees been checked for the whole project execution period?

8.  Are any appointees likely to change job in the near future? If yes, does this mean that they can not participate any longer at the project?



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