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For certain projects the implementation with own resources can cover only parts of a project. Substantial parts of a project, however, have to be implemented through procurement in virtually all projects. Therefore, the present sub-chapter deals with procurement initiation.

The Contracting Authority, depending on its capacities (personnel, equipment, etc.) can either perform the procurement exercise with its own resources (in-house procurement) or formally assign it to another Contracting Authority or purchase procurement support services from external consultant (outsourcing procurement).

The implementation process has economic, technical, commercial, administrative, logistic, legal, and budgetary aspects. The focus of procurement is on procedural, commercial and administrative aspects.

During the pre-bidding phase, people with relevant capabilities have to prepare detailed economic and technical parameters of deliverables to be purchased. During the bidding phase, procurement experts take the lead to make sure that all procedural requirements are respected. Other contributions have to come from lawyers, logistic experts, administrators and, of course, the Project Management Team.

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