2.1.1 How can Public Procurement be defined?

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Public procurement can be defined as the acquisition, of supplies, services and works by any public body and ranges from the purchase of routine supplies or services to formal tendering and placing contracts for large infrastructural projects by a wide and diverse range of contracting authorities. Public procurement involves the use of public money to accomplish specified public purposes, beginning with the identification of a need and ending with the completion of a contract. Examples include:

The Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Tourism plans to purchase a number of “floating” pontoons for new marina developments at Larnaca and Paphos;
The Cyprus Tourism Organisation plans to examine the establishment of a local partnership approach to the development of niche tourism across rural and coastal areas;
The Department of Civil Aviation of the Ministry of Communications and Works plans to expand the terminal at Larnaca airport within the next two years to upgrade the facilities and deal with the increasing demands from tourism.
The Department of Government Purchasing and Supply procuring the supply of army shirts.
The Pharmaceuticals Services Department of the Ministry of Health procuring the supply of medicines.

It is important that all public procurement across the different contracting authorities reflects the latest and best practices in procurement as compliance with the EU Directives and the EU Treaty principles on non-discrimination, transparency, freedom of movement between member states.

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