2.1.2 What is the Pre Tendering Procurement Strategy?

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In Chapter 1 the focus of our considerations was on project definition. A clear and sound definition is the prerequisite for efficient procurement decisions and procurement operations. Assuming that the Contracting Authority has determined a project is feasible and that there is a robust business case and an approved Project Fiche the pre-tendering process may then begin. This chapter defines the procurement strategy, focusing on establishing a clear definition of the pre-tendering aspect of the procurement process. The Chapter incorporates the requirements laid down by the European Union (EU) and Cypriot public procurement legislation and best practice on procurement process and procedures from across Europe.

A procurement strategy provides a “pattern of decisions and events associated with acquiring specific goods, services and works to support your business”. Any government purchaser will be expected to produce a procurement strategy befitting the value and complexity of the procurement. The strategy is set out at the pre-tendering stage of the process and assures the Contracting Authority that the selected procurement approach is appropriate for the proposed acquisition. The procurement strategy should facilitate a collaborative approach and open communication between potential suppliers and the Contracting Authority.

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