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Public procurement is one of a number of activities within the operations of the government of the Republic of Cyprus that requires special attention in promoting good corporate governance and better overall value for money.

The current level of public sector procurement makes a significant impact on the economy of the island in sectors such as construction and public works, transport, energy, telecommunications, and heavy industry.  Local and regional authorities and public utilities in the Republic of Cyprus regularly purchase goods, for example: computers, office equipment, public transport vehicles; services, for example: catering or cleaning, management consulting or technical assistance services; and public works for example: the installation of new public transport infrastructure or the construction of new buildings.

There are approximately 760 Contracting entities, as defined by the Law, including Ministries, Departments, Independent authorities, Municipalities, Bodies governed by public law, Bodies in the Utilities sector and other local authorities. This provides a very wide and diverse group with different approaches to public sector procurement.

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