2.3.3 Why Collaborate and Aggregate

with other contracting authorities?

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It is important that different government departments collaborate on essential aspects of procurement to maximise use of resources, improve opportunities for value for money and standardise their approach. The reasons to collaborate include:

sharing market intelligence
sharing best practice, expertise and approaches to procurement
Defining annual requirements to identify opportunities for collaboration or aggregation of contracts across a number of contracting authorities.

It is important that government officials regularly and systematically pool market intelligence and share strategic information about future projects and current bids, with a view to better understanding the totality of the public sectors likely demands on industry and the nature of the market necessary to meet those demands. This is particularly important in the Republic, where there are sometimes questions regarding the volume of available industry capacity for specialized contracts. 

In the majority of cases this collaboration is most easily managed on a sectoral basis such as IT requirements, finance requirements and so on.

Example 2-2: Collaboration of Contracting Authorities on a sectoral basis

The Department of Information Technology Services, which possesses expertise in Information and Communication Technology, has undertaken the responsibility to procure relative systems or services for all the Contracting Authorities. For this reason, the relative needs of the public service are aggregated and in this way the public procurement approach is formalized.

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