2.4.2 How can Contracting Authorities

Engage the Market?

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It is important that contracting authorities engage in a two way communication process with the marketplace when establishing the procurement policy. Strategic engagement can take a number of forms and are detailed below.

One useful way to undertake strategic market engagement prior to the implementation of policies is through Public/Private Reference Groups (PPRGs). These groups usually consist of public sector officials, industry groups (such as the Chambers of Commerce) and potential suppliers (usually MDs, CEOs or specific representatives groups). The group can inform the effect of implementing certain government policies or the adaptation of certain procurement processes. There is also an opportunity to secure supplier input/buy in, to particular government policy.

Contracting authorities take responsibility for setting up PPRGs which may meet only a few times/year depending on need. However they have proved invaluable in securing supplier input/buy in to particular government policies.

It is important to keep detailed written records of all meetings and make them available to all potential suppliers (for example on the website). Contracting authorities should ensure that general engagements in respect of a project should stop as soon as a formal procurement project is initiated.

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