2.7.2 Key evaluation principles

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The evaluation strategy to be selected should be driven by and adhere to the following key principles:

Transparency. The evaluation procedure, the evaluation criteria and their relevant significance, the method for marking the criteria, and the data and information to be submitted by economic operators to document that they fulfil or meet these criteria, should be made fully known to the interested economic operators through the contract notice (or, in the case of the restricted procedure, through the invitation to tender).
Non-discrimination. The choice of evaluation criteria should not in any way, whether direct or indirect, result in discrimination (preference or exclusion) of specific economic operators, but should instead offer to all interested parties the opportunity to demonstrate their capability to fulfil and meet the evaluation criteria.
Proportionality. The evaluation criteria to be chosen and above all the minimum level of capabilities to be set for a particular contract should be in direct proportion to its scale, difficulty, complexity and importance.
Qualitative selection criteria should not be used as award criteria. The different nature of the qualitative selection and contract award criteria, but also the different purposes which they serve in the context of the evaluation procedure, impose the need to avoid using the qualitative selection criteria as the individual criteria for awarding the contract to the tenderer who has submitted the most advantageous tender.


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