2.7.7 What about the Evaluation Panel?

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Ideally evaluation panels should be selected at the pre tendering stage and all members given a copy of the procurement timetable. The timetable will show when their input will be required. (Tenders can be substantial documents and the Panel needs adequate time to prepare prior to the evaluation meeting). If the timetable changes, then revisions should be sent to the Panel so they can update their diaries.

An Evaluation Panel should comprise a minimum of three members to ensure a fair and objective decision is reached. At a minimum it should comprise the procurement manager.  Where a Project Team is in place, the panel could be chosen from the Team. It is recommended that the Evaluation Panel includes at least:

Representation from the major purchaser;
Someone with specialist knowledge and experience of the services/supplies/works required;
Someone with the necessary knowledge to carry out the financial evaluation of the pricing aspects in complex projects;
Depending on the size and complexity of the contract, additional team members may also be appropriate, e.g. a Legal representative. There are special provisions regarding the composition and the duties of the Evaluation Committees for the various types of the Contracting Authorities (Ministries, Municipalities, Organizations governed by the public law, Electricity Authority of Cyprus, Port Authority and Water Supply Authorities). In this perspective refer to the Regulations 201/2007, 489/2004, 490/2004, 487/2004 and 491/2004.

All Panel members should be provided with a copy of the Evaluation Model to be used and a scoring sheet. Panel members should be inducted on how to use both, to ensure there is a consistency of approach.


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