2.7.8 Summary of the decisions to be taken at

the level of formulation of the evaluation strategy

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In summarising the discussion in Section 2.7 and especially in paragraphs 2.7.4, 2.7.5, 2.7.6 and 2.7.7, the decisions that must be taken by the Contracting Authorities at the level of formulation of the evaluation strategy are the following:


Table 2-27: Decisions to be taken at the evaluation strategy formulation level



1. Definition of technical specifications

1.1 Method used to describe the technical specifications

2. Planning of the qualitative selection stage

2.1 Establishment of qualitative selection criteria

2.1.1 Selection of personal situation criteria

2.1.2  Selection of the criterion regarding the suitability to pursue professional activity

2.1.3 Selection of economic and financial standing criteria

2.1.4 Selection of technical and professional ability criteria

2.2 Decision on whether or not to use the option to limit the number of suitable candidates in a restricted procedure

3. Planning of the contract award stage

3.1 Selection of award criterion

3.2 Weighting of technical value against the price offered

4. Evaluation Team staffing

4.1 Definition of required qualifications responsibilities of Evaluation Team members


In Annex 2-1: “Evaluation Strategy Formulation Template”, an easy-to-use tool is provided, in order to assist Contracting Authorities in mapping out and documenting all the decisions to be taken at the level of the formulation of the strategy regarding the evaluation of tenders.


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