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The evaluation strategy should identify the key guidelines to be followed by the Contracting Authority in order to ensure that it will select the most suitable Contractor who offers the best solution that meets its needs. In terms of time, the determination of the evaluation strategy follows the decision on the particular tender procedure to be applied (open / restricted / negotiated procedure with or without publication of contract notice, competitive dialogue).

In determining an evaluation strategy that will fully comply with the requirements of the institutional framework and will be appropriately adapted to the particular features of the contract to be awarded, Contracting Authorities should:

Take into consideration the following issues, which will help them formulate a correct evaluation strategy:
The way in which the evaluation stages function and their linkage to the tender procedure.
The key principles which should govern the evaluation process.
The method for determining the technical specifications of the contract scope.
Answer in succession the following questions, which will determine the evaluation strategy:
How should I describe the technical specifications?
What criteria should I use to select suitable economic operators?
What criteria should I use to award the contract?
How should I staff the Evaluation Team?


Figure 2-4: Questions for formulating the evaluation strategy


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