Award of public supply contracts and

public service contracts using the restricted procedure

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In the case of the restricted procedure, the differences in the parts of the tender documents are due to the fact that the tender procedure is conducted in two stages:

Prequalification stage: The Contracting Authorities publish a contract notice and select the candidates who meet the minimum levels of the selection criteria specified in the contract notice.
Award stage: The Contracting Authorities invite the prequalified candidates to submit their tenders, and evaluate the tenders using the award criteria specified in the invitation to tender.

The tender documents for each one of these two stages are presented in the following.

Prequalification stage

In the prequalification stage, the Contracting Authorities should draw up and publish the invitation of requests to participate, and interested candidates should submit their requests to participate, as shown in the Figure below:


Figure 3-7: Tender documents and tenders of candidate economic operators in the prequalification stage


The Table below lists the key contents of the Invitation of requests to participate:


Scope of the project
Eligibility and requirements for participation
Anticipated schedule
Evaluation and selection criteria
Procedure and method of submission of the request to participate
Request to Participate Template

Table 3-9: Contents of Invitation of requests to participate


In order to better understand the function of the Invitation of requests to participate, it should be pointed out that it relates to the tender documents of the open procedure as follows:

It includes a summary description of the project scope, i.e. is a summary of the Terms of Reference.
It presents the terms of the tender procedure only in what regards the prequalification stage, i.e. is a part of the Instructions to Economic Operators.

Award stage

The documents of the award stage have exactly the same parts as the tender documents in the case of the open procedure.

However, the following differences should be pointed out:

The Instructions to Economic Operators contain information only about the award stage, since the selection stage has already been concluded.
The tender documents are dispatched only to the prequalified Economic Operators.


As an alternative to the procedure described above, Contracting Authorities may publish the complete tender documents at the prequalification stage (as in the open procedure), i.e.:

The Terms of Reference.
The Instructions to Economic Operators, which will concern both stages of the tender procedure (prequalification and award).
The Agreement and Special Conditions of Contract.
The General Conditions of Contract.

In this case, at the second stage the prequalified candidates will only be sent a letter inviting them to submit their tenders in accordance with the tender documents published in the prequalification stage.

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