3.2.1 Individual parts of the tender documents

and their function

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The tender documents must provide clear and detailed information on the following three issues:

1.Scope of the contract to be awarded. Description of the purpose and objectives of the contract, of the environment within which it shall be implemented, and of its scope, deliverables and delivery times.
2.Eligibility and method for participation of interested economic operators in the tender procedure and method for their evaluation. Determination of the award procedure, of the selection and award criteria, and of the contents of tenders and their evaluation procedure.
3.Terms of cooperation for implementation of the contract. Identification of the special (value, time, delivery and payment method, penalties for delay etc.) and general conditions (guarantees, subcontracting, obligations of the contracting parties, contract termination etc.) of the agreement to be entered into by the Contracting Authority and the economic operator selected to execute the contract.

The structure of the tender documents is the same for supply contracts and service contracts, and differs in the case of public works contracts.

The structure of the tender documents also slightly differs depending on the award procedure to be selected (open or restricted).

The structure and function of the tender documents for public supply contracts and public service contracts awarded using the open procedure is presented below, followed by the presentation of the differences in the cases of the restricted and simplified procedures.

Finally, the structure of the tender documents for works contracts is presented in a separate Section.


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