3.3.2 Publication of periodic indicative notice (Law 11(Ι)/2006)

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The obligations for the publication of a periodic indicative notice by Contracting Entities are correspond to those mentioned above for the publication of a prior information notice by Contracting Authorities. The information which must be contained in the periodic indicative notice is detailed in Annex VIA of Law 11(1)/2006.

It should be noted that the publication of a periodic indicative notice may be used by the Contracting Entities for launching the tender procedure, i.e. without requirement for publication of a contract notice. If the Contracting Entities choose to use the option of commencing the tender procedure through the periodic indicative notice, then this should:

State specifically the works, supplies or services which form the scope of the contract to be awarded,
State the selected award procedure (restricted or negotiated),
Invite economic operators to express their interest in writing,
Be published twelve months at the latest before the date of dispatch of an invitation to all candidates who expressed their interest after publication of the periodic indicative notice, to confirm their interest so that the selection of those to be invited to tender may start.



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