3.4.1 Dispatch and delivery of the tender documents

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In the case of tender procedures conducted in accordance with the open procedure, the complete set of tender documents is delivered to the interested economic operators either at the place specified by the Contracting Authority (usually its headquarters), the address for which must be given in the respective published notice, or electronically, through the Contracting Authoritys Website, the address for which must also be given in the notice.

Where the Contracting Authority do not offer unrestricted and full direct access by electronic means to the tender documents and to the supplementary documents, then these should be sent by the Contracting Authority to the interested economic operators within six (6) days from the receipt of a relevant request to participate.

It is recommended that Contracting Authorities keep, during the period of provision of the tender documents, a list with the contact details of the economic operators who have obtained the tender documents (in one of the above-mentioned ways), in order to be able to send any additional information concerning the tender documents to all economic operators who have expressed their interest to participate by obtaining the tender documents.

If the Contracting Authority has a Website on the World-wide Web which allows the tender documents to be downloaded without user authentication, then it should clarify in the tender documents that, in order to be able to send any additional information to an interested economic operator who has obtained the tender documents through the Contracting Authoritys Website, then the data (name, address, telephone and fax numbers, e-mail address) of the economic operator should also be submitted.

The template for establishing a record of the contact details of interested economic operators is given Annex 3-13 “Template of the Tender Documents Receipt Form”.

The above also apply in what concerns the invitation to submit requests to participate, in the case of the restricted procedure. In what concerns the tender documents, these are either sent together with the invitation to tender to all prequalified economic operators, or, if they are available from the Website of the Contracting Authority, the method to be followed for accessing them is stated in the invitation.

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