4.1.1 Structure of Chapter 4

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In the previous Chapter 3 of this Guide, instructions and guidelines on how to implement the strategic choices regarding public procurement were given. More specifically, an analysis was made of the actions that should be implemented during each of the five (5) stages involved in preparing and launching a tender procedure, i.e.:

1.Definition of the contract scope
2.Preparation of the tender documents
3.Required advertising actions
4.Release of the tender documents
5.Provision of clarifications and additional information on the tender documents

Chapter 4 contains guidelines and instructions concerning the implementation of the announced tender procedure. In particular, an analysis is made of the actions to be carried out during each stage of the procedure, starting with the opening of the tenders submitted by interested economic operators, and concluding with the signature of the contract.

For each particular stage of the procedure leading to the award of a contract, best practices are presented and guidelines, instructions and useful tools are provided, always within the framework determined by the key arrangements and provisions of the laws and regulations governing the award of public contracts, as applicable in the Republic of Cyprus.

The stages of the above procedure which make up this Chapter, are the following:

1.OPENING OF TENDERS: A detailed description of the procedure followed for the opening of the tenders submitted by interested economic operators is given. In this respect reference is made to the duties and responsibilities of the competent officials and employees of the Contracting Authority before whom the tenders are opened, as well as to the persons authorised in each case to attend this procedure.
2.EVALUATION OF TENDERS: A description is given of the way in which the Competent Body for the Evaluation of Tenders functions and of the procedure for the evaluation of tenders, which includes the verification of the eligibility for participation in the tender procedure, the verification of the fulfilment of the qualitative selection criteria and the evaluation of the tenders on the basis of the award criteria contained in the tender documents, and is completed with the preparation of the required Evaluation Report.
3.AWARD OF CONTRACT: A description is given of the most practicable procedure deemed advisable for the Contracting Authority to adopt, in the framework of the provisions of the applicable legislation, for awarding the contract after the evaluation procedure has been completed and its results have been approved. Specific reference is made in this stage to the cases where the Contracting Authority is allowed to decide to suspend or cancel the announced tender procedure.
4.PROVISION OF INFORMATION TO ECONOMIC OPERATORS: A description is given of the method used to provide information about the outcome of the tender procedure to the economic operators that participated in it by submitting a tender. Special reference is made in this stage to the manner in which recourses, if any, filed against the tendering procedure are handled, in accordance with the provisions of the Law.
5.CONCLUSION OF CONTRACT: A description is given of the procedure according to which the economic operator whose tender has been selected by the Contracting Authority as the most advantageous one is invited to sign the final agreement with the Contracting Authority, which shall signal the conclusion of the contract and the commencement of the implementation of its scope.


Figure 4-1: The five steps of the tendering procedure

In the case of contracts awarded using the restricted procedure, these five steps are preceded by a step involving the prequalification of interested economic operators, after the submission of their requests to participate in the tender procedure. In terms of procedural matters, this step is essentially identical to the first phase of the tender evaluation procedure under the open procedure, and is examined in the respective Section of the present Chapter.

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