4.3.1 Purpose of the procedure for the evaluation of tenders

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The purpose of the evaluation procedure is to select the best among the tenders submitted prior to expiry of the submission deadline by tenderers who are eligible to participate in the tender procedure and meet the participation requirements (qualitative selection criteria) specified in the tender documents.

The term “best” tender, on the basis of which the contract shall be awarded to the corresponding tenderer, means:

Either the tender with the lowest price, if the criterion for the award of the contract is that of the lowest price, or
The tender with the best value for money, if the criterion for the award of the contract is the most economically advantageous tender.

In all cases, the best tender must be selected in strict adherence to the provisions of the tender documents, as regards both the method used to verify the fulfilment of the participation requirements and the method and procedure followed for assessing the value of each offer in relation to its quality and price.

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