4.5.2 Notice to the Contractor

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The Contracting Authority informs the candidate contractor of the Award Decision, as soon as possible after this decision is issued, as described in Section 4.5.1 of the present Chapter.

The initial informational letter should point out that it is sent subject to the filing of hierarchical recourses, if any, and, consequently, to the issue of relevant decisions by the Tenders Review Authority.

The initial informational letter to the candidate Contractor should be in the format of the relevant Template No. 2, contained in Annex 4-2 of the present Chapter.

After establishing that no intention to file a hierarchical recourse has been notified, the Contracting Authority, within no more than thirty (30) days from the date of issue of the Award Decision, invites in writing the candidate Contractor to present himself, within a fixed deadline which should not exceed thirty (30) days, for signing the relevant agreement.

In the event that an intention to file a hierarchical recourse is disclosed, as described in Section 4.5.4 of the present Chapter, the Contracting Authority notifies accordingly the candidate Contractor, mentioning specifically any impediment to the signature of the agreement that arises.

It is understood that the Contracting Authority is responsible for ensuring that all tenders and tender guarantees submitted in response to the tender procedure remain valid for the period of time during which any interested party has the right to express its intention to file an hierarchical recourse. The tender of the candidate Contractor, in particular, must remain valid at least until the date of signature of the relevant agreement. Should one or more tenderers express their intention to file a hierarchical recourse within the above-mentioned period of time, the Contracting Authority must ensure that all tenders remain valid until the final decisions are taken by the Tenders Review Authority or until signature of the agreement.

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