6.4.3 Evaluation of the relationship with the Contractor

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The relationship and cooperation between Contracting Authority and Contractor are some of the issues that must be evaluated throughout the execution of the Contract in order to identify what goes well and what needs improvement. More specifically, the following must be reviewed on a regular basis:

The degree of involvement of the Contractor or the degree to which the Contracting Authority invites the Contractor to be involved with different activities arising from the execution of the contract.
How well are the Project administration structures of both the Contracting Authority and the Contractor operating and collaborating.
Whether there is a successful communication between all the organisational levels of the Contractor and Contracting Authority.
The extent of the appearance or avoidance of any conflicts of interests and if appeared whether they were resolved effectively.
Whether the results of the Contractor's performance monitoring are notified to him in order to proceed with improvement actions that may be required.
The degree of satisfaction of both sides from the cooperation, communication and problem solving until now.



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