6.5.2 Keeping a record of contractual documents

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Parallel to the keeping of a documents' record related with the implementation of the physical scope of the Project by the Contractor (see par., the Contracting Authority must keep another record which will basically refer to the contractual documents4 [ As Contractual documents are defined: the Agreement - Special Conditions of Contract between Contracting Authority and Contractor, the Contractor’s Tender and any other relevant correspondence between Contracting Authority and Contractor, the Annex I of the Tender Documents - General Conditions of Contract and the Annex II of the Tender Documents - Terms of Reference - Technical Specifications. ], as well as all those documents (in hard copy and electronic format) related with the contract administration. The responsibility for the establishment and maintenance of this record lies with the Project Manager (or the Engineer), who must additionally see to it in order to have available in the record the last/ updated version of the documents included.

The list below presents the typical contents of the Contractual Documents Record


       Checklist 6-4: Typical contents of the contractual documents record


Special Conditions of Contract between Contracting Authority and Contractor


Contractor's Tender


General Conditions of Contract


Terms of Reference and Technical Specifications of the Project


Requests for changes in the Contract and relevant recommendations


Approval of changes


Amendments to the Contract


Extensions of the Contract


Correspondence of Contracting Authority and Contractor on contractual issues


Advance payment guarantee


Performance guarantee


Contractor's account details where the Contractor's fee is deposited




Payment approvals/ Certificates


Receipts of payments


Contractor's Claims and recommendations to the Departmental Committees and the Central Committee for Variations and Claims


Minutes of meetings for the discussion and resolution of contractual issues


Decisions related with the resolution of contractual differences


Contractor's Performance Evaluation Reports


Reports to the Management of the Contracting Authority related with the Contractor's and the contract performance


Minutes of acceptance of deliverables of the Project


Risk Log


It is pointed out that when all of the versions of specific documents must be kept on record (adherence to historical order), the Project Manager (or the Engineer) must check and make sure that every version has a serial number and a date of production written on it. This way it is easy to identify the last version or the one that is in effect each time.

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