Acceptance/ Approval of Reports

and Deliverables (general service contracts)

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The reports and deliverables prepared and submitted by the Contractor in the context of a service contract are subject to review by the Contracting Authority in order to ensure that they are in compliance with the terms and requirements of the contract. The compliance review of the reports and deliverables against the predefined acceptance criteria is usually conducted by Review Committees which are appointed following the proposal of the Project Manager to the Project Steering Committee and the concurrent opinion of the latter. The Review Committees are established (ad hoc) based on the subject of each deliverable and they are usually participated by the staff of the Contracting Authority that is qualified and experienced in the specific subject. Personnel of other Contracting Authorities may also participate in these Committees, provided that they are granted the concurrent opinion of their superior.

More specifically, the procedure that should be followed for the approval of the reports and deliverables of the Contractor is the following:

The Project Manager, after receiving the report or deliverable by the Contractor, forwards it along with the acceptance criteria and any instructions for their evaluation to the members of the respective Review Committee.
The members of the Committee examine, initially in closed session, whether the report or deliverable responds to the contract requirements.
Next, a review meeting is held19 [ In the review meeting it is also possible for the staff of the Contractor to participate should this be deemed expedient by the Project Manager to help in the better understanding/ consolidation of the relevant remarks, corrections or suggestions for changes. ], which is participated in by all of the members of the Committee, during which the remarks and comments of all members are discussed and in the end the Committee Report to the Project Manager is drafted, which comprises the results/ conclusions of the review meeting.
The Project Manager20 [ Note that the Project Manager may also participate himself as member in the Review Committees. ], once he studies the Report of the Review Committee, proposes to the Project Steering Committee either final approval, or conditional approval or rejection of the specific report or specific deliverable.
The decision of the Steering Committee is notified in writing to the Contractor by the Project Manager, at the same time presenting the reasons in case that it rejects the report or deliverable or requires further modifications to them. The period from the receipt of the reports or/ and deliverables within which the Contracting Authority is required to inform the contractor on its decision is specified in the General Conditions of the contract. An indicative period of 15 days is suggested which may be extended to 20 days or even longer depending on the volume and significance of the specific report or deliverable.
If the Contracting Authority fails to proceed with any comments on the reports or/ and deliverables within the predefined time limit, the Contractor is entitled to require their written acceptance. The reports or/ and deliverables shall be considered as approved by the Contracting Authority if the Contractor hasnt been explicitly notified on any comments within the predefined term (e.g., 15 days) from the receipt of the written request.
When a report or/ and deliverable is approved by the Contracting Authority by the force of the modifications that will be made by the Contractor, the Contracting Authority should specify a reasonable period to implement the modifications required.

It is noted that, where the Contract is executed in stages/ activities, the execution of each stage/ activity shall be subject to the approval by the Contracting Authority of the preceding stage/ activity, except in cases where the stages/ activities are carried out concurrently.

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