6.6.3 Acceptance Management

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As important is the drafting of the proper specifications during the preparation of the tender documents, so is also the control of the deliverables of the Contractor (products, services or works) during the execution of the contract, in order to ensure that only those deliverables that are in accordance with the specifications and meet the acceptance criteria, as these have been specified in the Terms of Reference, will be accepted by the Contracting Authority.

Chapter 7 (section 7.4.8), gives a description of the steps which must be followed for the development of the Acceptance Management Plan, that is the determination of criteria and standards of acceptance, as well as the basic elements that must be determined during the documentation of the acceptance procedure for the deliverables.

It must be noted, that the procedure to be followed for the acceptance of the Contractor's deliverables is part of the General Conditions of the contract. Depending on the type of contract (supplies, services, works) a different procedure is followed for the acceptance of the respective deliverables, which in certain cases in fact (e.g., acceptance of supplies) is dictated by the respective regulatory provisions. In the paragraphs below there is a description of the common procedures followed pursuant to what is provisioned in the General Conditions of model contracts and the relevant legislation for the acceptance of supplies, services, information systems and public works.

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