6.8.3 Checks during the completion of co-funded Projects

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In a case of Projects co-funded by the Structural Funds or the Cohesion Fund (CF), once the Project Completion Report is submitted by the End Beneficiary (or the Implementing  Agency in case of CF), the Intermediate Body performs an on site check to certify the completion of the physical and financial subject of the project, as well as its operational result, bearing in mind the approved description of the Project and the information recorded in the Integrated Information System (IIS), that is it verifies that,

the deliverables mentioned in the completion report are in accordance with the invoices or/ and Experts' reports (where applicable),
the terms set forth in the letter of funding have been adhered to
an adequate and reliable accounting system/ share has been observed (in case of Projects co-funded by the Structural Funds)

The Intermediate Body signs statement regarding the compliance of the Final Beneficiary (or the Implementing Agency) with its obligations, which accompanies the Project completion report. The Managing Authority after reviewing the compliance statement and the completion report and making sure that all of the procedures have been observed, enters the project completion in the IIS.

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