7.2.1 The Project Management Processes

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There are two different lifecycles that work in conjunction with one another throughout the course of every project: the project life cycle which has been presented in Chapter 1 (subchapter 1.3) and the Project Management Life Cycle. While the project processes may be different for specific products and services, the project management processes will always be the same regardless of the project processes being employed. However, both processes overlap and interact throughout the project. For example, the project implementation schedule cannot be developed in the absence of some basic understanding of how the deliverables are produced.

Project management processes can be organised into four main groups of one or more processes each:

Initiating processes (refer to subchapter 7.3)
Planning processes (refer to subchapter 7.4)
Executing & Controlling processes (refer to subchapter 7.5)
Closing processes (refer to subchapter 7.6)

There are links between the process groups in the sense that the outcome of one is usually an input to another. In addition, the process groups are overlapping activities that occur at varying levels of intensity throughout each phase of the project and not one-time events.

The project management processes that are applicable to most projects, most of the time, are described in this chapter, except from the initiating processes which are analytically presented in Chapter 1.


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