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Initiating processes take place in the first phase of the project life cycle. More specifically, during the Project Initiation phase, a business problem or opportunity is identified and a Business Case which provides alternative solutions is defined. Prior, during or after the development of the Business Case, a Cost/ Benefit Analysis and a feasibility study are usually conducted to identify the alternative with the maximum net benefit and investigate the likelihood of each solution option addressing the business problem. As an outcome of the Business Case a final recommended solution is put forward. Once the recommended solution is approved, the Executive and the Project Manager are appointed in order to participate in the preparation of the “Project Fiche”, which outlines the scope, objectives, activities, structure, budget, implementation schedule, risks, constraints and assumptions of the project. When the Project Fiche is approved, the remaining members of the Project Management Team are appointed.

The description of the specific initiating processes, the order in which they are undertaken, as well as guidance on how to perform each of them, are analytically presented in Chapter 1. Guidance on establishing the appropriate project organization structure (roles and responsibilities) is also provided in Chapter 1.



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