Completion of Communication Plan/Matrix

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After the definition of the Communication strategy, the Project Manager has to complete a Communication Plan/Matrix that integrates the "who, what, when, and how" of the communication process.

A communication plan/matrix includes the type of information being communicated, the objective of the communication, the frequency that the information is distributed and the method used to communicate the information.

An important aspect of the Communication Plan is the planning of performance reporting, that is to say, the determination of when the Progress and Status Reports will be submitted, what information they will include, who will be responsible for their preparation and how they will be exchanged (e.g. via regular mail, via e-mail, etc.). The frequency of Progress Reports depends on the duration, complexity and special requirements of a project, as well as on whether it is implemented with own resources or by a Contractor. In most of the cases where the Progress Reports are prepared by the Contractor, they should be submitted every three months (or in some cases every month) to enable the Project Manager of the Contracting Authority to keep regular track of the project’s progress. The Status Reports, which are prepared by the Project Manager to present the status of the project to key stakeholders, including the Project Steering Committee, the Project Owner and the Funding Agency, are usually prepared with the same or less frequency than Progress Reports (i.e. quarterly or biannually), since they require input from them. More detailed information on performance reporting, and specifically on Progress and Status Reports, is provided in section “Reporting Project’s Performance”.

The Project Manager should take ownership of the Communication Plan/Matrix, that is to say, he will be responsible for verifying that communication is taking place and that it is effective.

The communication strategy represented by the Communication Plan/Matrix needs to be flexible to allow for the resolution of issues that arise, as well as changes in process or policy that often occur after a major project is completed.

A template of the Communication Plan/Matrix is being presented in Annex 7-8. Furthermore in the same Annex a completed Communication Plan/ Matrix is presented in order to facilitate the understanding on how it should be completed. 




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