7.4.10 Development of Communication Plan

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Project Communication is the exchange of project specific information. Effective communication with all stakeholders is absolutely fundamental to project success and therefore it is necessary to plan it during the Project Planning Phase.

Communication Planning is the process for the determination of information and communication needs of the stakeholders relative to the progress of the project. It aims to give answers to the following questions:

Who needs what information?
When do they need the information?
Who delivers the information?
How should the information be delivered?

The output of this process is the Communication Plan/Matrix.

In order the Project Manager (with the help of the Team Managers and/or project team members) to develop the Communication Plan, he/she should follow the following steps:

Identification of stakeholders
Determination of stakeholders’ communication needs
Definition of communication strategy
Completion of Communication Plan/Matrix


Figure 7-14: Steps to be followed for the development of the Communication Plan




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