Development of Resource Schedule

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After receiving an expert’s judgment assuring you that the type and quantities of the resources that have been identified are appropriate for achieving the project goals and objectives it is time to estimate when and for how long each resource will be utilised in order to develop the Resource Schedule. 

In order to achieve this you should look at the starting and finishing dates of the activities and tasks in which each of the resources will be used, since at the end of the day the most important thing is to achieve  effective and on time completion of all planned activities and tasks. For example, in a building construction project where you will need the architect for the elaboration of the architectural study, you have to advise the Activities Schedule for finding out when and for how long this task will take place, in order to estimate the corresponding period that the architect will need to be engaged in the project. For the same project the building equipment & material will mainly be used in the construction stage, so you have to schedule them according to when that stage will take place. Undoubtly, there are resources that will be used in more than one phases of the project or in more than one activities/tasks, like for example the Quality Manager, who is responsible for managing and assuring quality in all the phases of the project. In these cases you should estimate the whole duration for which the resource will be engaged.

The tool provided in Annex 7-1/ Sheet “Resource Schedule”, apart from scheduling the resources, it can also be used to schedule any travelling that may be associated with the labour resources. In this way, you will be able to monitor scheduled travelling during the Execution & Control phase and keep track of its relative costs by using the tool provided in Annex 7-1/ Sheet “Cost Schedule”.

The Resource Schedule developed in the planning phase is usually called “Baseline Resource Schedule”, since it will be used during the project execution phase for tracking progress by viewing the variances between the baseline estimates and the actual data (refer to 7.5.2).




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