Establishment of quality assurance and

control processes and techniques

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After having set the quality targets, the Contracting Authority should plan the quality control activities to be employed during the implementation of the project, in order to verify that the deliverables meet the quality targets established during the planning process and that the Contractor performs according to the submitted Quality Plan.

The most known and frequently used technique for quality assurance and control is the review. Review includes activities such as measuring, examining and testing undertaken to determine whether results conform to requirements. Review can be conducted at any level (e.g. the results of a certain activity are reviewed or the final product is inspected). Depending on the type of the final product (e.g. software, study, training material, training execution, a bridge etc) the review can take different forms. For example, in case of a software the review can be a beta version testing; in case of an IT system the review can take the form of a hardware compatibility test; in case of a road the review can take the forms of an on-site inspection and laboratory tests (e.g. for asphalt).

During the Quality Planning process, the Contracting Authority should define the techniques to be implemented to assure and control the quality of each deliverable of the project as well as of the management processes, when and how often these techniques will be used and by whom. In this perspective a Contracting Authority may decide to hold:

Deliverable Reviews after the completion and submission of each deliverable by the Contractor in order to ensure that the deliverable is built according to the specified design
Documentation Reviews for all management documentation every three months immediately after the submission of Progress Reports by the Contractor.


Example 7-10: Quality Control Plan for the Project “Improving the implementing capacity of the Cypriot Authorities”

Example: Project “Improving the implementing capacity of the Cypriot Authorities”.

The main Deliverables that have to be produced are:

oThe Action Plan for the PPD in order to be ready to undertake its new role
oThe Public Procurement Best Practice Guide

Besides the Contractor has the responsibility to perform the management of the project.

(Analytical project description (activities) is being presented in

The Quality Control Plan that PPD should develop could be as follows:

Technique to be used



Responsible/ Participants

Deliverable reviews

The Project Manager asks from the project team members who are assigned to work as quality reviewers to read carefully the Deliverable, check the completeness and correctness of the topics presented, identify deficiencies and comment on possible improvements.
After the individual review of the Deliverables all the reviewers will be met in order to discuss their findings and submit to the Project Manager their individual reports
The Project Manager has to take all the reports into consideration and produce the Quality Review Report that has to be submitted to both the Project Steering Committee and the Contractor 

After the submission of each Deliverable

Project Manager

Quality Reviewers

Documentation Reviews

After the submission of the Progress Report by the Contractor the Project Manager and the Project Steering Committee reviews it to ensure that all the information needed are included and that every change to the activities schedule or resource plan is adequately documented and therefore justified.

Every three months after the submission of the Project Progress Report by the Contractor

Project Manager

Project Steering Committee


A template of a Quality Plan is being presented in Annex 7-3.


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