7.4.4 Development of Quality Plan

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The success of a project is typically measured in terms of the achievement of “time, cost and quality” targets. As “time and cost” targets are addressed in the Activities Schedule and Cost Plans respectively (refer to 7.4.1 and 7.4.3), you need now to develop the Quality Plan which means to outline the “quality” targets and identify the methods that will be used to assure that the quality targets will be achieved for this project.


To create a Quality Plan the following steps should be undertaken:

Definition of quality criteria and standards to achieve
Establishment of quality control processes and techniques

Figure 7-11: Steps to be followed for the development of the Quality Plan


The Quality Plan is being developed by the Project Manager or the Quality Manager, depending on whether the quality assurance and control responsibilities will be delegated to a third party.

The Quality Manager except of preparing the Quality Plan should have the following responsibilities:

Ensuring that quality targets are defined for each deliverable and for the management process
Establishing quality control activities to control the quality of the deliverables actually produced by the Contractor
Monitoring and evaluating the quality assurance activities
Implementing quality control processes and identifying quality deviations
Reporting the quality status to the Project Manager


In order to perform efficiently the Quality Manager should:

Checklist 7-1: Characteristics that the Quality Manager should possess

Have experience in quality management or be familiar with methodologies, tools and concepts in quality management. Depending on the scale and complexity of the current project the minimum experience required to undertake this role successfully must be outlined
Have a good understanding of the industry within the current project is being undertaken
Be able to direct and manage the quality reviewers
Have excellent analytical and report writing skills
Be effective communicator.



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