7.4.8 Development of Acceptance Plan

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Acceptance is defined as obtaining agreement form the Contracting Authority that the deliverables produced by the Contractor during the project implementation phase meet the criteria set by the Contracting Authority. To ensure timely acceptance of the deliverables, the Contracting Authority and the Contractor’s decision makers should agree on pre-determined acceptance criteria. Which are these criteria and by which process the compliance of the deliverables with them will be checked, are two issues that must be documented in the Planning Phase of the project (Acceptance Plan).

The Acceptance Plan is a key document within the project. It is being developed after the development of the Activities Schedule, Resource Plan and Quality Plan since it takes input from them. It serves as a guide throughout the Monitoring and Control Phase for the project team members who are assigned to perform acceptance tests as well as for the Project Manager who is responsible for the acceptance management.

In order to develop an Acceptance Plan the following steps should be followed:

Establishment of criteria and standards for the acceptance of the deliverables
Formalization and documentation of the deliverable acceptance process.


Figure 7-13: Steps to be followed for the development of Acceptance Plan


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