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As it has been stated in Chapter 1, Project Planning is the second phase of the project life cycle and starts as soon as the Project Fiche has been signed by the representatives of the Project Owner. The management processes that are undertaken during this phase include the planning of all the elements/ parameters of the project so to be ready for implementation. In this perspective, the following plans must be developed:

Project Plan. It consists of the:
Activities Schedule (definition of activities and tasks sequence, time scheduling),
Resource Plan (determination of the labour, equipment, material needed in each task/stage) and
Cost Plan (identification of the internal and external costs and their occurrence in time)]
Risk Plan. It highlights the possible risks and actions to mitigate them
Quality Plan. It sets the quality targets for the project deliverables and defines the processes for quality assurance and control.
Issue Management Plan. It defines the process for identifying, assessing and resolving issues related to the project.
Change Management Plan. It defines the process for managing requests for changes that have a direct impact on project’s scope, cost, schedule or quality.
Acceptance Plan. It sets the acceptance criteria for the project deliverables and defines the processes for executing the acceptance tests.
Communication Plan. It refers to the information to be distributed to the stakeholders and the methods that can be used for this distribution.

Besides, the Planning Processes may involve the establishment of performance indicators to be used later during the Execution & Control phase to report project performance or/and in the Closure phase to evaluate overall project performance and assess the post-project achieved benefits.

Planning is a repeatable and iterative process. Every time that new information becomes available or adjustments are made, all the above plans should be updated.

The planning processes that should be undertaken during the second phase of the project life cycle are presented in the following figure.

Figure 7-5: The Planning Processes




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